Lost Crypto
Lost CryptoVerified CollectionPolygon / Matic

Lost Crypto JOIN me on my next Mission searching the solar system for Lost Crypto. You can join as many missions as you like whilst you hold a LOST CRYPTO NFT in your wallet Passengers on...

Assets: 7 / Editions: 175 / Owners: 9

Fungle Gallery Frames
Fungle Gallery FramesVerified CollectionEthereum

Fungle Gallery Frames

Assets: 50 / Editions: 50 / Owners: 3

Collectible Pixel Art
Collectible Pixel ArtVerified CollectionPolygon / Matic

Pixel art is very unique and quite interesting this is a random collection of collectible pixel art

Assets: 48 / Editions: 516 / Owners: 3

BeezerBears 2
BeezerBears 2Verified CollectionPolygon / Matic

There will only be 1 of each Trading Card ever made on fungles!

Assets: 45 / Editions: 46 / Owners: 3

Teibol Collection
Teibol CollectionVerified CollectionPolygon / Matic

A collection of graphic artworks by Teibol.

Assets: 20 / Editions: 163 / Owners: 3

Skeleton Roses by BrandonKiddArt
Skeleton Roses by BrandonKiddArtVerified CollectionPolygon / Matic

This unique collection brings together two of my favorite things; Skeletons and Roses (Beauty). They may seem like polar opposites and in a lot of ways they could be. To me the Skeleton hand...

Assets: 16 / Editions: 16 / Owners: 3

Anime KawaiiNFT
Anime KawaiiNFTVerified CollectionPolygon / Matic

Hand drawn half body anime NFTs

Assets: 48 / Editions: 480 / Owners: 2

CryptoGentsVerified CollectionPolygon / Matic

Welcome to CryptoGents, crypto gents are a new fun collection with all sorts of styles to match your interest don't hold back tho because they will be stopped being minted at a certain time that I...

Assets: 26 / Editions: 56 / Owners: 2

Crypto Zombies vs Planet X
Crypto Zombies vs Planet XVerified CollectionPolygon / Matic

The CRYPTO ZOMBIES vs PLANET X is a very Special Collection and already has over 100 Happy owners. The Collection is in development right now and will grow to 10,000 so you should own as many of...

Assets: 5 / Editions: 50 / Owners: 2

PixelDoggosVerified CollectionPolygon / Matic

Just PixelDoggos

Assets: 109 / Editions: 2,685 / Owners: 1

crypto-weed-charactersVerified CollectionPolygon / Matic

cartoon collectible weed characters

Assets: 103 / Editions: 1,419 / Owners: 1

Small KawaiiNFTs
Small KawaiiNFTsVerified CollectionPolygon / Matic

Hand drawn small KawaiiNFT people.

Assets: 59 / Editions: 59 / Owners: 1

Collection 3
Collection 3Verified CollectionPolygon / Matic

Gothic & sexy collection

Assets: 48 / Editions: 48 / Owners: 1

BeezerBearsVerified CollectionPolygon / Matic

There will only be 1 of each Trading Card ever made on fungles!

Assets: 47 / Editions: 47 / Owners: 1

Spanish Bulls
Spanish BullsVerified CollectionPolygon / Matic

Living in Spain you get to learn quite a bit about Spanish traditions and fiestas… bulls play a major part in most.

Assets: 41 / Editions: 41 / Owners: 1

KawaiiNFT Food and Drink
KawaiiNFT Food and DrinkVerified CollectionPolygon / Matic

Different food and drinks available

Assets: 37 / Editions: 185 / Owners: 1

CryptoCrepsVerified CollectionPolygon / Matic

Crypto Creps are a new trendy collection with some fantastic designs to cater for everyone but look out for super rare Creps don't miss out on great opportunities......

Assets: 32 / Editions: 99 / Owners: 1

Halloween KawaiiNFT
Halloween KawaiiNFTVerified CollectionEthereum

Halloween NFTs

Assets: 25 / Editions: 25 / Owners: 1

Feminine Beauty
Feminine BeautyVerified CollectionEthereum

As creators living in the era of digital art, thousands of artworks devoted to women and inspired by them emergе in the digital world each day, presented in a vast diversity of shapes, colors,...

Assets: 24 / Editions: 24 / Owners: 1

Koala bear club
Koala bear clubVerified CollectionPolygon / Matic

Koala Bear Club is a collection of unique Koala bear NFTs— unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Go check out the collection and grab your very own Koala Bear and see what...

Assets: 20 / Editions: 59 / Owners: 1