Blue Aero Skeleton Rose
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This is a solid deep blue rose with white light highlights. This 3D piece features a skeleton hand lifting the rose up toward the sky out of the darkness. Falling specs of magical white light rain down and begin to cover the rose. Each skeleton rose piece is unique in their colors.
Skeleton Rose #10

Editions: 1
Skeleton Roses by BrandonKiddArtVerified Collection

This unique collection brings together two of my favorite things; Skeletons and Roses (Beauty). They may seem like polar opposites and in a lot of ways they could be. To me the Skeleton hand reaching up with a Rose reminds me that love and beauty are eternal. Love does not die in death but continues on. Each 3D rose has a unique color scheme and in some cases lighting and texture. These are all 1 of 1 and will not be replicated. I hope you enjoy.
BrandonKiddArt BrandonKiddArt

I am a self taught 3D artist. I create 3D photos, Animations, Short Films, 3D objects and pretty much anything my imagination dreams up. I am open for collabs and special requests. Visit my website Enjoy!

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