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THIS I A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL CREATORS IN THE #NFT SOCIETY … DDSCR The second NFT of the Crypto Rangers Collection. Ranger #0001 Official Release NFT An official DDSCR Release @funglesnft The Dept. of DeFi Security “Crypto Rangers” The newly formed “Law of the NFT Metaverse. “To Protect and Serve all Avatars Large and Small, To always monitor & keep a safe environment on the blockchain, and to determine and supervise any unjust or improper behavior. There’s just been way to much “Monkey Business” going on, so the “DDSCR’s main directive #1 will be to keep all of those “Dirty Apes” over @BAYC in check and to respond accordingly to the LAW of the DDSCR @funglesnft New Crypto Rangers and the Newly Constituted Protection Agency of the Blockchain and the NFT Society. “The Governing Dept. Of DeFi Security” and the @CryptoRangers . The new Marshals are to conduct and monitor behavior and see that the new guidelines are set forth to keep peace on the Blockchain… Please Welcome~ Ranger GARGON TOMASS ~ SERGEANT #0001
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WIlliam B. Jones ~B.F.A ~Madcow Illustration's "Bitfinity Crypto Art~ Illustration / Conceptual / Graphic Design / NFT Creator Showcase & Sales Hub for Collectable NFT ART Frame#21 Created and Managed by ~ W. B.Jones. Offering Fresh and Unique Art New Exclusive Blockchain Collectors NFT format. William B. Jones ~ B.F.A. "SCAD 2008" Communication Art Illustration, Minor Art History Alumni~The Savannah College of Art and Design Hello, Thank you for visiting my shop. My portfolio shows a broad spectrum of work that demonstrates great feeling and style. My projects include Children's Book Illustration, Editorial Spot Design, NFT Design, Conceptual Character & Landscape Design, Food/Bev Illustration, Company Branding, Poster design, Album Cover Art, Wildlife Illustration, and Pop-Surrealism.
William Brandon Jones William Brandon Jones

W.B. Jones- B.F.A Illustration/Concept/Graphic Design I Graduated with my Bachelors of Fine Arts B.F.A in Communication Art \ Illustration Design, along with a Minor in Art History from- "The Savannah College of Art and Design" SCAD in 2008. My portfolio includes both ~Traditional and Digital Work ~

With a unique style of using mixed media material’s along with new age process’s and digital technique’s. Combining them with my traditional Illustration & Art Foundation in the Illustration, Graphic, Conceptual and Fine Art fields. Using these facets into the implementation combining to execute the needed idea’s in my Illustration and Graphic Design work.

My favorite projects include ~ Mural’s, Children’s Book Illustration, NFT Design, Spot Editorial Illustration, Fashion Textile Design, Scientific Illustration, Pop Surrealism, Character & Landscape Design, Wildlife Art, Corporate Branding & Custom Logos, and Scientific Illustration. Currently I am freelancing and accepting new clients for commissioned projects… Please Email or DM me @ [email protected] ~ Instagram [email protected] Twitter ~ WBJonesFineArt1 On FB ~ Madcow Illustration Ink’ LinkedIn~ William Brandon Jones. I currently live and work between both, South Carolina and Savannah GA. with my 2 children. Thank you for your time and please let me know if I can help you with any of your Art & Design projects you may have. Thank you, W.B.Jones

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